These are hard times and they call for drastic measures. We in the pest control industry are labeled a Life-sustaining and essential business by the CDC for a multitude of reasons, but the major one is that we prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses by controlling the pests who vector and cause them. Though there’s not much we even know about this virus one thing is sure, this is not the time to hold back on treating the pests that we have been treating and controlling their spread of illnesses. Mosquitoes, mice, roaches, birds, fleas, ticks and so-on are still thriving and it’s our job to make sure that when the world opens back up we’re not over-run by them so we are continuing to treat the exteriors of homes to control these pests.

Our promise to you is that we will give everyone a 20% discounted rate during this time and only treat the exterior unless you are having a current issue on the interior, in which case we will wear gloves, a mask, and booties to protect you and ourselves to the best of our ability. We understand these are hard times and so anyone who had service before April of 2020 will still be required to pay their bill, but there will be no late fees and no cancellations on our end from April to July of 2020. We wish you and your family a good day and please stay safe and stay home, it saves lives.

Task Force Pest Control