It is no mystery that spiders help control pests however, when spiders get inside of our homes its an issue! While spider infestations are more fantasy than a reality, they can still be a nuisance in our homes. Our Pest Control Service prevents or addresses most spider issues inside or outside of your home.

Our approach with Spider Control is identical to every pest that we handle.

  • We perform a thorough inspection.
  • Determine / Confirm the target pest.
  • Devise a strategy.

Here at Task Force Pest Control we use a common-sense approach to pest control.  We take advantage of existing mechanical & environmental controls (habitat modifications, removing attractants, using barriers, traps, etc.) combined with the responsible application of pesticides to eliminate the target pest. Our goal is to remove the nuisance pest while taking into consideration human health, non-target beneficial species and the environment.

Spiders can be super beneficial in your yard.  Most people just do not want the their outside looking like a haunted house.  Nor do they want spiders crawling all over the inside of their home.  Most of our Quarterly or Monthly visits for our standard pest control applications includes measures (dusting) to keep spiders off & out of your home.

Many species of spiders are common household pests in the United States. Spiders are considered a beneficial pest because of their prey on other insects Because spiders have eight legs, they are easy to separate from insects, which have only six legs. Another distinction between spiders and other pests is that spiders do not have wings or antennae. Spiders are arachnids.

Spider Habitat

Some spiders prefer humid and moist locations like basements and crawl spaces, while others prefer dry and warm places. They can be found in upper corners of rooms and attics as well as sub floor air-vents. Spiders prefer to hide in dark areas and in cracks as a retreat in order to construct material for their webs.  Keep this in mind… every “cobweb” was made by a spider.